Behind the Wine


In 2004, Ken and Angela Lineberger founded our original winery in Rancho Cucamonga under the name “The Wine Tailor” as an urban winery. The historical site was located in California’s oldest commercial winery, built in 1839. The business evolved from being an award-winning winery to being a winery during the day, and a wine bar in the evening. We expanded the business by appealing to a wider audience by creating a more flexible model. We also added weekend entertainment and paired our wines with light food and appetizers.

In 2012, Waters Edge Wineries was created to focus on a single brand name. Our philosophy is focused on helping people learn about the amazing world of wine and remove the barriers that keep people from enjoying wine on a regular basis. Ken is the President of Waters Edge Wineries and is personally involved in each new location to help ensure our success as we grow.


“We believe that our success is the sum total of our franchisees' success. We are fully committed to helping our winery owners become as successful as possible!”

Meet The Team

Ken Lineberger Bio

Ken Lineberger


Angie Lineberger Bio

Angie Lineberger

General Manager

Mark Mitzenmacher Bio

Mark Mitzenmacher

Director of Operations

Julia Flaherty Bio

Art DeCaro

Training Specialist

Janet & Robin Harter Testimonial

“We wanted to bring something like this to E-Town so our guests don't have to travel so far to get it. Now they'll have it in their own backyard. Once we opened public ticket sales for the opening event, we sold out in an hour.”

Charlie & Tiana Watkins
WEW Elizabethtown Owners

Kyle Franson Testimonial

“Working with Ken and his team since the beginning of this year, I have been beyond impressed by the leadership, education and support we’ve received.”

Mike Hayes
WEW Owner Jacksonville, Tampa, St. Petersburg