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Ken & Angela Lineberger
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Our Story

A Vintage Tale of Innovation, Passion, and Culinary Delight

In 2004, a creative spark ignited in Rancho Cucamonga, California. That spark was the vision of Ken and Angela Lineberger, who founded “The Wine Tailor,” the pioneering blueprint for the first urban winery franchise. It wasn't just a winery; it was a revolution, offering all the elegance and refinement of traditional wineries without the vineyards.

But our innovation didn't stop at the bottle. Waters Edge Wineries is also home to an enchanting bistro that elevates the wine experience to a culinary adventure. Here, guests can explore a menu designed to complement and enhance our wines, featuring carefully curated dishes that perfectly pair with our wide selection of offerings. Whether it's a casual lunch or an elegant dinner, our bistro provides a wonderful dining experience that turns a simple meal into an extraordinary event.

Now flourishing as Waters Edge Wineries, our unique model thrives, expanding its roots across the U.S. We don't just purchase high-quality grape must (crushed grapes); we transform it into an art form. Each wine is carefully crafted and bottled right at our locations, embodying our micro-winery concept that not only satisfies the palate but also fuels creativity. Our guests can indulge in our wines by the glass or the bottle.  We also offer the opportunity to create a customized label for our wines in just minutes.  This is a unique and memorable gift for birthdays, anniversaries or just about any holiday celebration.

But our story is not just about wine; it's about discovery, connection, and a culinary journey that satisfies all the senses. Our philosophy is woven into every bottle, every glass, every delectable bite, every unique experience we offer. We aim to educate, to share the wonders of wine, to remove barriers and uncork possibilities. With over 50 distinct wines, hailing from regions like California, France, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, and Spain, we're on a journey to bring the world of wine to you.

Waters Edge Wineries is more than a brand. It's an ongoing story of innovation, quality, and a love for what wine can be. Join us, and let's explore this remarkable world together, one sip and one taste at a time.

Your Success Is Our Success

At Waters Edge Wineries, we firmly believe that our triumphs are intertwined with the successes of our franchisees. We're not just a brand; we're a family, united by a shared passion for wine and a common goal of achieving excellence in all that we do.

As part of our commitment to this collective success, we provide unparalleled support to our winery owners. From the initial steps of opening your winery to the ongoing journey of growth and innovation, we stand by you. Our expertise, resources, and dedication are at your disposal, ensuring that you have everything you need to flourish.

Because we know that when you succeed, we all succeed. Join the Waters Edge Wineries family and discover a partnership that's built on trust, collaboration, and the endless pursuit of greatness. Together, we'll raise a toast to a future filled with opportunity, creativity, and shared achievement. Welcome to Waters Edge Wineries – where your success story begins!

Meet the Team


Ken Lineberger


Mark Mitzenmacher
Director of Operations
Art DeCaro

Art DeCaro

Director of Training

Jennifer Hulan

Director of Franchise Support
Deanne Wells
Franchise Liaison
Collin Mitzenmacher

Head Winemaker