Raspberry Chocolate Port

Raspberry Chocolate Port This wine is rich in flavor and ends in a heavenly finish of rich, ripe raspberries and dark chocolate flavors.

Ruby Red Port

Ruby Red Port A lovely dessert wine that blends rich and tantalizing flavors of cherry and smoky finish with a strong semi-sweet finish.

Almond Sparkle

Almond Sparkle Almond Sparkle mixes bubbles with a light hint of almond, making a festive, fun wine!

Brut Sparkle

Brut Sparkle Brut Sparkle is a dry sparkling wine that pairs perfectly with any celebration. 

Ice Wine

Ice Wine Ice wine is nature’s gift to wine lovers. These delicate grapes are hand harvested when they are frozen. Enjoy this dessert wine named after the Gillig’s favorite tree, captured on our label in its frozen state, just as the grapes are harvested for Ice Wine!