Waters Edge Wineries Redefining Wine Industry through Unique Global Partnerships with Winemakers in Lesser-Known Regions

October 30, 2023

Waters Edge Wineries, an innovative micro-winery system dedicated to bringing the cultural experience of wine to communities across the United States, has launched a new initiative to introduce its guests to wines from emerging global markets, showcasing the diversity of the global wine landscape and uncovering undiscovered treasures for wine enthusiasts. To officially kick-off the effort, a team from Waters Edge Wineries, including both corporate leaders and franchise owners, has begun a series of trips to underrepresented wine regions around the world to meet with local winemakers, beginning with a recent visit to Armenia to experience the ancient wine region’s viticulture and winemaking firsthand. Through an alliance with several Armenian winemakers, Waters Edge Wineries is now serving four exclusive Armenian wines in nearly all of its locations.

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