Learn About Starting

Your Own Winery

Introductory call – get to know you and understand what kind of business you want. Are we a good fit for your dreams?

Site Visit to One of Our Wineries
Visit one of our wineries – if possible we like to do this early in the process since our model is unique. It makes our conversations more productive if you’ve had a chance to see one of our franchises in operation.

Get to Know Your Market
Getting to know your market – we offer tools and guidance to help know more about the demographics in your market versus our benchmarks. You may want to start to look for spaces that are appropriate for our model, and get an idea on market rents.

Business Planning
Financial planning – begin to develop a business plan and also determine how you’ll fund your new business.
Click here to find out what kind of financing options you may qualify for.

Getting to Know the FDD
Detailed FDD review – we will review the details of our expectations and the agreement between us to make sure you’re comfortable how our model works.

Deposit, additional Discussions and Second Site Visit
Deposit and corporate visit – We would request a franchise deposit and invite you to visit to our corporate headquarters in Southern California. We will also visit several existing franchisees in the area. We will also visit your local area and help negotiate leases and finalize a location.

Franchise Agreement and Final Balance Settlement
Finalize the franchise agreement and get started opening a new winery in your town!