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A Micro-Winery

Our franchise helps people start up complete wineries in a retail space from 3,500 square feet and up. Think of it as a “micro-winery.” The difference between a Waters Edge Winery and a traditional winery is that we do not grow or crush the grapes – we outsource those functions to a global network of vineyards and growers. This lowers the cost of ownership, and removes the biggest risk associated with most wineries.

Our Wine

A Waters Edge Winery® makes several wines on-site that are exclusive to our locations. We make Merlots, Cabs and Chardonnays, Barolos, Gewurztraminers, Pinotages, Petit Verdot and Ports. We source grapes globally that will allow you to make over 50 different kinds of wine using grapes from the best grape growing regions in the world. Places such as California, Italy, France, New Zealand, Chile and Germany.
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Our Taste

We also offer a lineup of wines that are found nowhere else and add to the spectrum of tastes for our guests. These include fun wines such as our popular natural-flavored sangrias such as a peach apricot, white cranberry and green apple. These wines are easy for nearly everyone to enjoy – low in alcohol and slightly off-dry. In addition to our sangrias, we offer a number of crisp sparkling wines under our brand which include a brut (dry) sparkling, almond sparkling and peach mango.

How Our Wineries Work

Waters Edge Wineries® is an urban winery system that brings the very best of wine culture to communities across the country. Combining elements of the traditional wine making experience with the emerging wine bar concept, Waters Edge creates a diverse selection of wines and offers guests an opportunity to engage intimately with a historically exclusive lifestyle. As it seeks to bring the winery experience to the people, Waters Edge Wineries® presents an innovative, versatile concept that treats guests to quality wines, a relaxing atmosphere, and a cultural experience like no other.
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Bistro-Style Appetizers & Desserts

At Waters Edge, we believe that wine and food are the perfect companions, creating memorable experiences. Our guests will discover a welcoming atmosphere with freshly prepared items. We feature a delightful menu featuring Panini-style sandwiches, artisanal flatbread pizzas, refreshing salads, assorted cheeses, fresh fruits, and irresistible desserts. A Waters Edge Winery allows our guests to savor the delightful combination of flavors, without any pretentiousness, just pure enjoyment.

Custom Labeling

Guests will be able to choose from a variety of designs to create their own wine label for gifts, weddings, corporate sponsorships or private labeling. These make fantastic, personalized gifts for unlimited opportunities, such as Mom’s birthday, anniversaries, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, and of course, the Christmas holidays.

Labeling Parties

Guests may participate in a labeling experience at our wineries. They would create a custom label online and then set an appointment to come in when the labels are printed and ready. The winery will provide unlabeled bottles for the guests to allow them to bring in friends and family to help custom label their wine. It’s a unique and unforgettable experience!

Wine Club

Guests may join a wine club that offers unique benefits such as a selected bottle of wine, complimentary tasting, discounts and special events. This creates a recurring monthly revenue stream for the Waters Edge Winery® as well as loyal guests. At the Waters Edge Winery®, most guests come to the winery monthly to pick up their bottles – increasing traffic and visitation patterns. We love our guests!

Private Parties & Events

Locations will often be designed to allow private events to occur simultaneously during regular operating hours. Private tasting areas and seating areas can be segregated from the main tasting room to accommodate receptions, birthdays, and anniversaries as well as attracting corporations looking for a venue to host company-sponsored events in a convenient, classy location tailored to their needs.

Support & Training

The Waters Edge team provides complete support from site location and lease negotiation to grand opening. We partner with a nationwide construction firm who will design your location and solicit bids from local, reputable contractors. Our construction firm will oversee the buildout to ensure that it is done on time and on budget.

We have made the art of winemaking into a simple four-step process anyone can learn. We are experts at helping you market the wine to your local community by focusing on generating revenue from five different categories. Your winery location will be unique in your community. No similar model exists that combines all five of these categories to help you stand out from any competition.

Your wines will be crafted using our tried & true recipes that produce consistently high-quality vino. We provide all the necessary equipment your location will require to make wine efficiently as well as operate a low-overhead kitchen for the bistro. Waters Edge offers our franchisees a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on developments and techniques to help your winery grow. You are invited to join a monthly conference call to share ideas and promote growth. We also host a biennial franchise meeting to gather and learn together.

Pre-training Stage
Our new owners will receive a set of materials that includes our Operations Manual, Learning Guide, and several books that give foundational knowledge on how to operate a successful franchise business as well as on the world of wine. Our Director of Training provides guidance on which materials are the highest priority to review as well as a tutorial on using our CRM system to track every step that needs to be done to get the winery open for business. The CRM will be used to allow our internal team and our franchisee to collaborate on the steps involved in each phase of opening, and it also ensures that no steps are inadvertently missed. Once the location is about 12-14 weeks from opening, our Director of Training will move our owners to a more active training schedule.

Online Learning
WEW has invested heavily into an online training portal, also known as a Learning Management System, or LMS for short. Our owners will begin a series of lessons that involves an online tutorial, a review and a quiz to ensure that the lesson was completed to our satisfaction. Each week, our Director of Training will review the material on a conference call with our owner and address any questions or fill in any gaps in the materials for the week. This training will generally be about 8 – 10 weeks depending on the pace of our franchisee. The primary focus of this online training is threefold: 1) Learn how to manage a winery & bistro; 2) Learn more in-depth wine knowledge specific to the way our owners market and sell our wines; 3) The foundation of how we produce wine at each location.

In Person Training at the Franchise Location
Our Director of Training will make arrangements to make four trips to the location to help our emerging winemakers produce wine in their stainless steel tank system. Each trip will focus on one of the four stages of winemaking. Our owners or operating partners will be making the wine at their location under our careful supervision. We ensure that every winemaker in our system is using our carefully written manuals to follow each step involved in the winemaking process. Once they complete this part of the training, they’ll be able to make wine independently and confidently – however, we are always here to provide support anytime it is needed after the training is completed.

After the grand opening launch, our new owners will begin working with our Director of Franchise Support. They will collaborate to identify critical growth and success goals and monitor how a new location is doing to achieve those metrics weekly. After some period, we’ll move to monthly then quarterly calls to make sure our owners are reaching their maximum performance in terms of sales, EBITDA, and guest satisfaction. Our Director of Franchise Support will also visit each winery about once a year to score their site in several areas and offer ways to further improve the location’s performance.

PR & Marketing Support
Upon signing the franchise agreement, our marketing team begins to work with our owners to seed the market with excitement about surrounding the opening of a new winery location in their community. As the opening gets closer, our marketing team works closely to promote the story of the winery and its owners in traditional media channels such as print, online and broadcast, as well as providing posting content and boosting strategies for social media. Furthermore, our marketing team helps owners integrate with their local Chamber of Commerce and other networking groups to foster strategic partnerships upon opening their new location.

Start Your Winery.


Introductory call – get to know you and understand what kind of business you want. Are we a good fit for your dreams?

Site Visit

Visit one of our wineries – if possible we like to do this early in the process since our model is unique. It makes our conversations more productive if you’ve had a chance to see one of our franchises in operation.

Your Market

Getting to know your market – we offer tools and guidance to help know more about the demographics in your market versus our benchmarks. You may want to start to look for spaces that are appropriate for our model, and get an idea on market rents.

Business Planning

Financial planning – begin to develop a business plan and also determine how you’ll fund your new business. Click here to find out what kind of financing options you may qualify for.

Getting to Know The FDD

Detailed FDD review – we will review the details of our expectations and the agreement between us to make sure you’re comfortable how our model works.

Deposit, More Info, & Second Visit

Deposit and corporate visit – We would request a franchise deposit and invite you to visit to our corporate headquarters in Southern California. We will also visit your local area and help negotiate leases and finalize a location.

Franchise Agreement & Final Balance Settlement

Finalize the franchise agreement and get started opening a new winery in your town!

Available States

Our model can be licensed in most states. However, there are a few states that require that you grow your own grapes to have a winery license. Since we have no way to accommodate this requirement, we cannot operate in those states. Please refer to the map below to see if your state allows the Waters Edge Winery model.
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