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The Micro-Winery Revolution

Unleashing Your Winemaking Dream

Imagine crafting world-class wines right in the heart of your community. With Waters Edge Wineries, that dream becomes a thrilling reality. Our franchise model helps passionate entrepreneurs start complete wineries in a retail space as intimate as 4,000 square feet. We call it the “micro-winery” concept, and it's changing the landscape of winemaking.

Unlike traditional wineries that require expansive vineyards and complex grape-crushing operations, Waters Edge Wineries simplifies the process. By outsourcing the growing and crushing of grapes to our global network of esteemed vineyards and growers, we've removed the barriers that often hinder the path to winemaking success. This innovative approach lowers the cost of ownership and eradicates the biggest risks usually associated with wineries.

But simplicity doesn't mean compromise. Our micro-wineries offer all the charm and craftsmanship of traditional wineries, paired with the modern elegance of an urban setting. It's a winemaking experience that's both sophisticated and accessible.

Join the Waters Edge Wineries family and become a part of the micro-winery revolution. Embrace the opportunity to blend tradition with innovation, passion with entrepreneurship, and dreams with reality. Your winery awaits, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Welcome to the new era of winemaking – welcome to Waters Edge Wineries!


Our Wine

A World in Every Glass

At Waters Edge Winery®, we pour our passion and expertise into every bottle, crafting wines that are as unique and inviting as the landscapes from which their grapes are harvested. Our exclusive selection includes the bold flavors of Merlots and Cabs, the refined elegance of Chardonnays, and the exotic complexity of Barolos, Gewurztraminers, Pinotages, Petit Verdot, and Ports.

But the magic of our winemaking doesn't stop at our on-site creations. We extend our reach across the globe, sourcing grapes from the world's most prestigious vineyards. From the sun-kissed valleys of California to the ancient terrains of Italy, France, New Zealand, Chile, and Germany, our wines encapsulate over 50 different expressions of terroir.

Each glass is a journey, a story, a celebration of the earth's most cherished grape-growing regions. Experience the world through the art of winemaking. Welcome to Waters Edge Winery® – where every sip is an adventure.

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Our Taste

A Symphony of Flavors and Aromas
Waters Edge Winery® invites you to a sensorial journey through our exclusive on-site creations. From the robust flavors of Merlots and Cabs to the delicate notes of Chardonnays, Barolos, Gewurztraminers, Pinotages, Petit Verdot, and Ports, our wines capture the essence of the world's finest grape-growing regions. We source grapes globally, allowing you to explore over 50 different kinds of wine, each one a unique masterpiece with roots in places such as California, Italy, France, New Zealand, Chile, and Germany. And to complete this extraordinary experience, indulge in our bistro's specially curated dishes, crafted to complement and elevate our wines. It's not just a taste; it's a celebration of flavor, culture, and connection. Welcome to Waters Edge Winery®, where the world of wine awaits you.

How Our Wineries Work

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Waters Edge Wineries® has reimagined the essence of winemaking, blending the time-honored traditions of the vineyard with the vibrant energy of the urban wine bar. In cities and towns across the country, we're unlocking the gates to a world once reserved for the few, inviting everyone to explore the rich tapestry of wine culture.

Our locations are more than just wineries; they're gathering places where the artistry of winemaking meets the joy of connection. With a diverse selection of wines crafted on-site, we offer a kaleidoscope of flavors and aromas, each one a testament to our commitment to quality and creativity.

But it's not just about tasting wine; it's about immersing yourself in an experience. At Waters Edge, you're not merely a guest; you're a part of a journey, a story, a family. From the relaxing ambiance to the engaging conversations, every moment is curated to awaken your senses and deepen your appreciation for this historically exclusive lifestyle.

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Bistro-Style Appetizers, Food & Desserts

A Culinary Celebration
At Waters Edge, we understand that wine's perfect partner is a delectable dish, and together, they dance in a duet of taste and satisfaction. In our warm and inviting ambiance, guests will find an array of freshly prepared delights, designed to harmonize with our wines. From Panini-style sandwiches and artisanal flatbread pizzas to refreshing salads, assorted cheeses, fresh fruits, and tempting desserts, our menu sings with flavor and flair. At Waters Edge Winery, there's no pretentiousness, just pure enjoyment. It's not merely a meal; it's a symphony of taste, where every bite and every sip unite in a joyful celebration of life's simple pleasures.

Custom Labeling

Your Story in a Bottle
At Waters Edge, we invite you to become an artist, to paint your emotions and memories on the very bottles that house our exquisite wines. Whether it's a loving tribute for Mom's birthday, a sparkling celebration of an anniversary, a warm welcome to a new home, or a heartfelt expression for Valentine's Day, our custom labeling offers a canvas for your creativity. From weddings and corporate sponsorships to private labeling, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. Craft your own personalized label from our variety of designs, transforming a bottle of wine into a one-of-a-kind gift that speaks from the heart. With Waters Edge custom labeling, every occasion becomes extraordinary, and every bottle becomes a cherished keepsake of life's beautiful moments.

Labeling Parties

A Gathering of Creativity and Connection

Immerse yourself in a celebration of art and wine with Waters Edge's unique labeling parties. Here, the joy of creation mingles with the warmth of friendship, turning an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience. Guests begin their journey online, designing a custom label that's a reflection of their personality and style. When the time comes, we welcome you and your loved ones to the winery, where unlabeled bottles await your personal touch.

Whether it's a family bonding moment or a lively outing with friends, our labeling parties offer a chance to craft something beautiful together. As you affix your specially designed labels to our wines, you're not just decorating a bottle; you're capturing memories, laughter, and love in every detail. At Waters Edge, we provide the canvas; you bring the creativity. Join us for a labeling party, and discover the joy of making wine truly your own. It's more than a label; it's a celebration, an art form, an unforgettable connection.

Wine Club

A Community of Flavor and Friendship

Welcome to the Waters Edge Wine Club, where wine enthusiasts find a home and every bottle tells a story. As a member, you'll embark on a monthly voyage of taste and discovery, enjoying specially selected bottles, complimentary tastings, exclusive discounts, and access to our unforgettable special events. But it's more than a subscription; it's an invitation to be part of the Waters Edge family.

Our wine club nurtures not just a recurring monthly revenue stream for Waters Edge Winery®, but more importantly, a community of loyal and cherished guests. Every month, we eagerly await your visit, ready to share the latest addition to your wine collection. With each pickup, each smile, each shared glass, you're not just our guest; you're our friend, our companion in this delightful journey through the world of wine. Join the Waters Edge Wine Club, and let's explore the essence of wine, connection, and celebration together. We're not just about wine; we're about the people who love it. We love our guests!

Private Parties & Events

Celebrate in Style at Waters Edge

At Waters Edge, your special occasions find the perfect backdrop. Whether you're raising a toast to love, achievement, or simply the joy of being together, our locations are tailored to embrace every moment. Designed with a flair for elegance and flexibility, we offer private tasting areas and secluded seating that can be transformed to match the mood of any event.

From intimate receptions to vibrant birthdays, from sentimental anniversaries to sophisticated corporate gatherings, we've crafted spaces that can be simultaneously private and part of our lively tasting room ambiance. It's a world where exclusivity meets community, where your celebration becomes a memory etched in fine wine and refined surroundings.


Embarking on a Winemaking Adventure

Your Support & Training with Waters Edge

Joining Waters Edge is more than opening a winery; it's embarking on an exciting winemaking adventure. We guide you every step of the way, starting with pinpointing the perfect location and negotiating leases, through to your grand unveiling. Our partnership with a leading nationwide construction firm ensures your winery will be thoughtfully designed and built with precision, meeting your budget and timeline.

Waters Edge simplifies winemaking, transforming it into an accessible four-step process that anyone can master. We don't just help you craft exquisite wines; we make you a part of a vibrant community, standing out with a model unique in your area. We focus on generating revenue across five different categories, giving you a competitive edge.

With tried-and-true recipes at your disposal, you'll be crafting consistently high-quality vintages in no time. We equip you with everything required for efficient winemaking and to run a delightful bistro. But our support doesn't stop there.

Stay in the loop with our monthly newsletters, filled with up-to-date developments and techniques to nourish your winery's growth. Join our monthly conference calls for idea-sharing and encouragement, and participate in our annual franchise meetings for collective learning.

With Waters Edge, you're not just a franchisee; you're part of a family. Join us, and let's grow together.

Embarking on Your Journey

The Pre-training Stage at Waters Edge

Stepping into the world of Waters Edge is a thrilling venture, and we're here to set you on the right path with our comprehensive pre-training program. As a new owner, you'll receive an enlightening set of materials, including our Operations Manual, Learning Guide, and carefully chosen books that provide the bedrock for running a triumphant franchise business and delve into the captivating world of wine.

Our Director of Training stands as your personal guide, highlighting essential materials to review and offering a hands-on tutorial on our state-of-the-art CRM system. This system will become your collaborative tool, shared with our internal team, tracking every vital step towards opening your winery. It's a roadmap to success, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

As your opening day draws nearer, around 12-14 weeks out, our Director of Training shifts you into an engaging and more active training schedule. With Waters Edge, every detail is orchestrated to turn your dream into reality, embracing you into the world of wine with clarity, confidence, and unswerving support. Welcome to the family!

Digital Mastery

Your Online Learning Journey at Waters Edge

At Waters Edge Wineries (WEW), we've woven our passion for innovation into our online training system. This dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) is not merely an educational platform but a gateway to your entrepreneurial journey within the winery world.

Dive into a meticulously crafted 12-week course, tailored to your pace, encompassing interactive tutorials, comprehensive reviews, and engaging quizzes. With each step, we ensure your mastery over the subject matter, focusing on three key areas:

  1. Understand the seamless integration of running a winery and bistro, where elegance meets efficiency.
  2. Delve into the nuances of wine knowledge that's specific to marketing and selling our exquisite collection.
  3. Grasp the foundational methods of producing wine at Waters Edge, a blend of tradition and innovation unique to each location.

Every week, join our Director of Training for a conference call to explore the material further, discuss questions, and bridge any gaps. It's a collaborative and immersive learning experience that forges your path towards becoming an expert in the wine industry. The world of wine awaits you, and with Waters Edge, you have the keys to unlock its wonders.

Hands-On Mastery

The Journey from Novice to Expert at Your Winery

At Waters Edge Wineries®, training takes a tactile and personalized form. Our Director of Training embarks on four dedicated visits to your franchise location, each mirroring the four pivotal stages of winemaking. You're not merely learning; you're engaging, crafting, and becoming a winemaker, guided by expertise and inspired by passion.

  1. The Stainless-Steel Symphony: In your facility, wine is not just fermented; it's composed. Under watchful eyes, you will wield the tools, following carefully crafted manuals, transforming raw grapes into an evolving masterpiece.
  2. Independence with Assurance: The final visit culminates in a confident stride towards winemaking autonomy. But fear not, our support continues to echo in the corridors of your winery, ready to assist whenever you call.
  3. Beyond the Launch: The grand opening is just the beginning. Enter into a partnership with our Director of Franchise Support. Together, you will navigate through the exhilarating terrains of growth, sales, and guest satisfaction. Regular checks evolve from weekly to monthly and then to quarterly, ensuring that your winery's performance sings to its fullest potential.
  4. The Annual Appraisal: Expect a yearly visit from the Director of Franchise Support, a moment of reflection and aspiration. Through assessments across various facets, we unearth opportunities to elevate your location's excellence even higher.

Your Waters Edge winery is a stage, and we provide the score for an unending performance of quality and success. Join us and play your part in this extraordinary symphony!

Igniting the Spark

Your PR & Marketing Journey with Waters Edge

From the moment the ink dries on the franchise agreement, our marketing mavens are at the ready, kindling a fire of anticipation in your community for the upcoming winery location.

Here's how we fuel your success:

  • Planting the Seed: Early on, we sow the excitement, painting the town with whispers of the extraordinary experience brewing at your new winery.
  • Crafting Your Story: As the grand opening nears, we work hand in glove to sculpt your winery's narrative, uniquely yours yet part of the Waters Edge family. Through print, online, and broadcast channels, your story reaches both the connoisseurs and the curious.
  • Social Media Alchemy: Our expertise extends into the vibrant realms of social media, where content isn't just posted; it's curated and boosted with strategies tailored to resonate with your community. We transform followers into guests and likes into love for your brand.
  • Community Integration: But we don't stop there. Our marketing team ensures that your winery becomes a local landmark, connecting you with your local Chamber of Commerce and networking groups. We foster strategic partnerships that bloom into lasting relationships, fortifying the roots of your business in the local terrain.

With Waters Edge, your winery is not just a location; it becomes a sensation, weaving into the fabric of the community and pouring joy into the hearts of those who walk through its doors. Join us, and let's write your success story together!

Embark on Your Winery Dream
A Guided Journey with Waters Edge

A Meeting of Minds

The Introduction
We begin with a casual conversation, a first date of sorts. We want to know you, understand your aspirations, and gauge whether our innovative winery concept aligns with your dreams. Are we the right dance partners?

Site Visit

The Site Visit
A first-hand look at one of our existing wineries can be an eye-opener. Our model's uniqueness is best experienced in person. By stepping into one of our thriving franchises, our later conversations become more tangible and vibrant.

Understand Your Terrain

Your Market
Your local market has a pulse; we help you feel it. By employing a blend of tools and guidance, we assist you in unraveling the demographics of your market, comparing them to our benchmarks. Together, we begin to scout potential spaces, gaining insight into the marketplace.

Blueprint Your Success

Business Planning
It's time to chart the course. Financial planning and business strategies intertwine to form the blueprint of your dream. With opportunities for tailored financing, the route to your new business becomes clearer.

Delve into Details

Know The FDD
This is where we dive deep, reviewing the intricacies of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Our goal? Ensuring comfort and alignment with our expectations and business model.

Commit to the Voyage

Deposit, More Info, & Second Visit
Ready to take the plunge? A franchise deposit paves the way to an invitation to our Southern California headquarters. We'll also explore your local terrain, assisting in lease negotiations and pinpointing the perfect location.

Seal the Deal

Franchise Agreement & Final Balance Settlement

With the ink dry on the franchise agreement, your winery dream bursts into life. The stage is set, the script is written, and it's time to unveil your unique winery to the world!

Embark with Waters Edge and turn your dreams of owning a winery into a delightful reality. A world of fine wine and community awaits you!

Explore Your Wine Horizon

Available States
At Waters Edge Winery, our unique urban winery concept is designed to flourish across many landscapes. Yet, certain states require a bond with the vine itself, demanding the cultivation of grapes to obtain a winery license. Since our creative approach doesn't involve growing the grapes ourselves, those specific regions remain beyond our reach. Curious if your state is ready to embrace the Waters Edge Winery model? Let the map below guide your way and discover where your wine dreams can take root.
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